The Kent Collection's Smokehouse


The Kent Collection Produce A range of smoked products, all of which is done by hand, from the curing to the slicing. All of our smoking is done using oak as this is the traditional wood that would have been used for smoking in this country hundreds of years ago. 

We have stripped the smoking process back to basics with All of our smoking is done in a traditional wooden smokehouse fed with a brick kiln.

We can produce bespoke smoked products to order for clients by using specific cures, spices or seasoning before the smoking process or smoking something completely bespoke that may never have been tried before.

but whatever it is we prepare, cure, smoke, dry, age, slice or pack we do it with attention to detail and knowledge of the produce we are working with.

smokehouse haze
kent collection smokehouse
smoke salmon
kent collection smokehouse
kent collection smokehouse and charc
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